Youth Conference & Workshop:

The Youth Conference and Workshop was conducted District Panchayat Bangalore Urban District, with sponsorship of Youth Empowerment and Sports Department, & District Nehru Yuva Kendra, Bangalore. Inaugurating the first signature ceremony campaign on 1st day Mrs. MS Archna, CEO of the Zilla Panchayat, inaugurated the campaign on the issue of our vote under the declaration of our right to fulfill my duties in the voting process. All the subsequent beneficiaries signed. Later voting was made on voting. The voting of the sacred birth of Hakka has to be voted, without sacrificing any livelihoods, to build a strong nation. The purpose of this workship is to inform everyone that they must register and vote as per the voters list, as well as the details of the young sponsorship program is given. Finally, your vote for the campus will be highlighted by Samaja Seva Samithi on vote is your rights issue, highlighting the importance voting Lastly to open the conversation. Many of the beneficiaries share their opinions in open conversation with the cry of voting in the polls, about the selfishness of the politicians, the dispute over the use of the electoral machine in voting, reservation, why not everyone is the same. The award letter was distributed to all beneficiaries who had come to the end. All rights reserved.