Seminar: Indian Perspective on women in different aspects

International Women's Day - conducted seminar on various aspects of the Indian women perspective. Keynote addressed was the issue of Indian female criticism - the different aspects of the subject matter and the future activities. District judge Sri. Somashekhar was invited as a resource person Spoke on the issues and challenges faced by family & society. C. Manjula, former chairperson of the State Women's Commission, then lectured on the topic of Indian female criticism - various aspects. Describing the various stages in a woman's life, she outlined some examples of how Indian view of women, safety, life and struggle, health-malnutrition, economic status, education, and how it is integrated into her life. Many women participated in the conversation. Chairperson of the Sumangali Seva Ashram, Mrs. SG Susheelamma, said that women's moral is the key to the development of society today and women need to be aware of all these issues. Although many laws have been enacted for the survival of the girl child, safety is a marriage. It is regrettable and ironic that the protection of women today should be prioritized from the womb and from the family.