Women's Self Employement Counselling

Rudraksha Family Counselling Center of the organisation at samithi premises, spoke about different type of types of small business of self employment. One of our trainer brief about list of the small scale industries & how to start, where to get training, finance help, loan, marketing…etc., many of participants asking more about loan & marketing, Samithi gave information about all finance & marketing linkage as well as Laghu Udyoga Bharathi contact person. After counseling 35% participants started their own small business with the help of Samithi.

Workshop On How To Face Exam

A program was conducted on how to face exams for children 9th & 10th Class of Radhakrishna School, Srinagar, Vivekananda School, PES College Back, Bank Colony, & Bharat Matha School, Hanumanthanagar, Start with Omkar. It was informed about the preparation and study of the exam. The children how to answer and prepare in the exam paper. Gave aware of about mental issues, emotion regulation and anxiety alleviation. The children actively participated in the discussion. gave some tips for exams. In the end, The program was very active and the prizes were distributed to the students who asked the best questions. Impressions were obtained from the children. The program also ended with a salute to the school.

Education in Basic Vocation :

It was program sponsored by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Bangalore Urban District Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Jointly organised the Skill Development Programme with the concept of WASTE MANAGEMENT in BMS Women's College, Basavanagudi, and Bangalore, to build beautiful and useful materials in the vocational education workshop from 01/01/2020 to 29/02/2020. There were 30 students participated trained by experienced 3 trainer. Each day new items were taught. Candidates took training with theory classes’ & learned from their many old materials such as bags, pouches, various types of flowers, vases, table runners, and foil / folders…etc as follows-File / Folder ( 2 Types) , Bags(2 Types), Jeans( Sling/Bottle Holders), Flowers(Clothe Waste) 2-3 Types, Vase -2-3 Types, Table Runners ( Cloth/Jute) 2-3 Types, Coasters( Cd’s / Cloth /Paper Roles), Toran’s(2-3 Types), Rangoli’s, Mat’s, Tetrapack Items, Twine ( Bags/ Plant Holder, Paper Roles Project(Bowl / Trey/Vase), Invitation Based On The Concept, Key Chine Holders(Wood), Jewellary (Ullan, Beats, Waste Cloth…), Table Cloth, Bottle Project, Dairy Makeover’s(Cloth/Jute), Review in & Certificate Distribution & Vegetable Cutting . The Certificate was presented to the trained students.