Lockdown Service - Covid 19 : 2020-21

The organization was immediately responded to some of the disadvantages caused by the lockdown in the country during the last week of the March of the Corona pandemic. During the lockdown, many women faced different kinds of problems, and after online counseling we arranged for consultation of small business entrepreneurs who had trouble getting to that moment. The 24 hour of the day has received more calls a day and provided the relevant helpline. All people with any problems were consulted and telephones where necessary were given consultative assistance. Food was distributed among single women's & single parents, senior citizens and especially the poor priests. Mask distribution for our volunteers & members & worriers. Give awareness for self confidence through radio program. A newsletter e paper published about corona - how to get ridden of this pandemic situation & using home medicine.

Food kit Distribution :

The samithi in the month of April 1st week 2020 distributed groceries to middle-class poor, selected 40 family 1st day. Second day more than 50 people standing in front of the organization by evening, more than 100 people had arrived. Samithi Volunteer identified Small families of the middle class, especially Priests, poor Lawyer, Tailors, Tutoring, and Single Women distributed around 250 families, individually our volunteer & committee members went their house & distributed because of lockdown. With our member donors we did this service activity.

Multivitamin Tablets Distribute

To distribute multivitamin tablets for people who are currently serving in our (Social Service Committee), SAMAJA SEVA SAMITI, STRI JAGRUTHI PATRIKE (Women's Awareness Magazine) TAVARUMANE (Hometown Organization) and some other SOCIAL SERVICE ORIENTED rganizations THE Multivitamins are used to provide vitamins that are not taken in through the diet. Multivitamins are also used to treat vitamin deficiencies (lack of vitamins) caused by illness, pregnancy, poor nutrition, digestive disorders, and many other conditions More than 120 packets of tablets a month were packed for good use by staff. .

Online Counselling + Physical Counselling

During 2nd Lockdown also (1st lockdown we did 1000 together counselling) Samaja Seva Samithi received many calls (24/7) from different part of India. Samithi running counseling center, Samithi center no in Indian helpline.com - National level help line. Different type cases/problems/depression/stress/family disputed...etc., case's. All the time samithi volunteer giving service to them. Many of them faced food problem, shelter problem, health problem, travelling problem... all sort of grievance's came to us, & we solved at the most their needs( counselled ) them almost all. Some of referred to legal cell also (critical cases), 1st lockdown more than 500 calls we received & receiving till.... Physical counselled for 42 families & individuals. .

Other Activities of Covid - 19-20:
  • Distributed Used Computers & laptop to poor students for online class's
  • Distributed Note books & education material to needy students for homework
  • Online Counselling Class's
  • Wall written by the Samithi raise awareness for corona.
  • Mask & Sanitizer distribution for corona warriors
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