Udc (Under Deprived Children) Program - Ashakirana:

One such program is “ASHAKIRANA”; intending to build HOME OF LOVE that can give them a shelter, nutritious food, medical rehabilitation, education in case of children and empowerment in case of women & girls. Currently, we have three rooms in Govt. school. home in which we have accommodated 10 kids. Samithi runs Center for drop out students. Our volunteers identified Under deprived children in Bangalore mainly construction worker children, almost all dropout kids we identified, some of some of single parent, aged about 6-14 years who did not attend school then we bring them & provide shelter facilities including education with obtaining their parent’s consent. these children are provided classes for yoga, music, moral science, sports and cultural activities including education depends on their age. After 10 months we sent them to school for education. After end of scheme also we provided shelter, food & education including career training.