Tavaru Mane - Shelter for Needy women

Another significant initiative made by SSS in 2013 was Tavarumane, intending to build ‘HOME OF LOVE’ that can give them a shelter, nutritious food, medical rehabilitation, which was started for homeless and abandoned women.
The word Tavaremane means ``MOTHER'S HOUSE `` in Kannada and it signifies the morel & emotional security, care and support that one receives from a mother and hence we are using it to imply the core ideal that we have to provide support and care for our women beneficiaries like they would get it in their mother's house. In the lockdown time we provided the primary needs of shelter, simple food, clothing and care to these marginalized women /girls living in difficult circumstances devoid of social and economic support. Provided emotional support and counseling to these women.
We had rented building - only we can provide shelter 4-5 women at a time, but last lockdown time we provided at a time 10-12 beneficiaries...
The mainly rehabilitation of these women in distress as well as providing a system of appropriate shelter, care and counseling and intervention to these beneficiaries to help them live in a safe and healthy environment away from all sorts of vulnerability that they would otherwise be exposed to. This is not govt. Project & not yet expects any fund from govt. This is our satisfactory activities. Not for money activities. Samithi cannot revelled many names of who are stayed in our shelter